Get to know the Sustainable Universities Network (SUN), our history and our goals.

Our little history!

As a very new network, we only have a very small history to date! The Sustainable Universities Network (SUN) was officially started in 2021 when some university students who were leading sustainability clubs and societies on their campuses realised that other student-led groups across Australia were doing many unique and impactful projects and events. SUN was then created to open communication between these student groups to share ideas and collaborate on events and campaigns. 

As a new network, we hope we can get other student groups from around the region to get involved so that we can shape the direction of the network together. 

Our aims

To connect student led, sustainability-focused university groups from around Australia. We aim to facilitate conversations and collaboration. We aim to support these groups with resources, direction and community. 

What makes our network different to the others?

There are many other sustainability-focused networks in our region. However, most of these networks work at an institutional level and often do not directly work with student groups. Yet student groups are at the forefront of sustainable development at the university level. Furthermore, SUN is comprised only of student groups making our discussions focused on the issues that students and their organisations are facing. 

SUN is independent and voluntarily run by passionate student for other passionate students.

All our team members are students who are passionate about collaboration for sustainability.

Isabelle Zhu-Maguire (she/her) | Monash University
Committee member

Isabelle is a Masters of International Relations student from Monash University in Melbourne. She is the team lead at Monash Association of Sustainability (MAS) and founded the Sustainable Universities Network (SUN). In 2021, Izzy also became the United Nations' Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) AusNZPac Youth Coordinator and is passionate about collaborating with other students to create anti-capitalist sustainability movements.

Simashee de Silva (she/her) | University of Technology Sydney
Committee member

Simashee is currently studying a Bachelor of Biotechnology/Bachelor of Business at UTS. She has been President of UTS Ecosociety for three years.

Alex Lowe (she/her) | Deakin University
Committee member

Alex is studying Bachelors of Criminology at Deakin University. As the Events Co-Manager for SUN, Alex strive to create a sense of community across university teams across Australia for us to discuss, collaborate and overall promote positive wellbeing for our members and anyone wanting to be part of our team. 

To get involved or join the team, email us at: sustainableuninetwork@gmail.com