Sustainability Fortnight, 2023

September 18th to 29th, 2023

More information still to come!

In 2023, the Sustainable Universities Network (SUN) in collaboration with the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) is organising a national sustainability fortnight!

Overwhelmingly, sustainability student groups and staff departments are overworked. This sustainability fortnight aims to reduce the amount of work required to put on sustainability fortnight.

If you are putting on events during this week, please email us at for your event to be advertised on our national schedule.

Aims of this initiative

We know sustainability weeks are an amazing way to engage your community but we know they can be a lot of work! Hence, our overarching aim is to create a national, coordinated sustainability fortnight.

Any online event that any participating university group or department organises will be added to a national schedule. This aims to reduce the amount of events you need to organise as you can just advertise the events others are putting on to your students.

Each day of the fortnight is themed!
Online events that match the themes will be included in an online schedule (still to come).

Day 1: Welcome to Sustainability Fortnight

Monday, September 18th

An introductory day to welcome people to sustainability fortnight!

We recommend organising:

  • Introductory seminars/webinars to your week

SUN will be organizing: a networking event to create a national position statement on what university students want to see more of at their university.

Day 2: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Tuesday, September 19th

The SDGs are the tool that the world is using to advance sustainability. But what are they? And how can staff and students use them to create sustainability?

We recommend organising:

Events to help educate your community on these goals. Encourage your university to start thinking about these goals, what they can do to advance them and how they would work to improve them.

SUN will be organising: A free lecture on using the SDGs in collaboration with the United Nations’ SDSN Youth.

Day 3: The Plastic problem (the big picture)

Wednesday, September 20th

Today we will be looking at the big picture of the plastic problem. Why has plastic become such a big problem? What are the issues? But also what are the systemic changes that are happening to address this huge problem?

We recommend organising events about:

  • Marine pollution

  • Micro plastics

  • Plastic bans (and other system-wide solutions)

Day 4: The Plastic problem (actions at home)

Thursday, September 21st

Carrying on from yesterday, today will be about plastic waste at a local level. What can we each do to reduce our impact? And does this impact even matter?

We recommend organising events like:

  • Workshops of reducing waste

  • Information sessions about reducing waste at home

  • Seminars about what your university is doing

Day 5: Biodiversity and habitats

Friday, September 22nd

Bees, bugs, birds and bush creatures - today will dedicated to biodiversity and local habitats!

We recommend organising events like:

  • Clean-ups, biodiversity blitz or tree-planting in and around your campus

  • Have some native animals visit your campus

  • Lectures and seminars about biodiversity

Tip: Hybrid events tend to be more accessible to a variety of people. Having an online component means that people from all over the country can come and listen.

Another tip: put on events that are practical and answer questions that students (and staff) are genuinely asking. Unique information is valuable as you can search for most information online!

Day 6: Climate change and climate action

Monday, September 25th

Climate change is a big issue. But how are we going to get ourselves out of this climate crisis?

We recommend organising events like:

  • How is your university addressing climate change?

  • How is Australia addressing climate change?

  • Climate anxiety related workshops and activities.

Day 7: Climate justice

Tuesday, September 26th

A lot has to be done if we are going to get out of the climate crisis. Today is about climate justice and making sure no one gets left behind. It is also about just transitions and making sure people do not become victims to the solutions.

We recommend organising events like:

  • Lectures on just transition

  • Discussion of how climate change is impacting the world's vulnerable more intensly.

SUN will be organising a free lecture on climate justice - including what that means and how young people can address it.

Day 8: Wasteful habits

Wednesday, September 27th

Food and fashion - we have a lot of wasteful habits! So how can we reduce our community's impact? And how can we scale our reduction?

We recommend organising events like:

  • Workshops and seminars on waste reduction

  • How is your university reducing its impact?

Day 9: Equality and justice

Thursday, September 28th

Sustainable development challenges often impact the marginalised more intensely. So how do we make sure our movements involve those voices? How do we make sure we are serving the most vulnerable in our communities?

We recommend organising events like:

  • Seminars with guest speakers who can talk about intersectionality

  • Indigenous knowledge workshops

Day 10: Mental health

Friday, September 29th

Sustainable development is an exhausting field to be in. But we do it because we care! This day is dedicated to taking care of each other as well as starting some real conversations about mental health.

We recommend organising events that can help improve the mental well-being of your students. This can be coping strategies or by having upfront conversations about mental health struggles within the sustainability space. Both are important.