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The Australian Climate Case | Icebreaker activity template  

Published by SUN | March, 2023
Here is an icebreaker idea that can have REAL impacts on the way Australia handles climate change! 

Sponsors, Post O-Week engagement, Activism and Delegation | Guide

Published by SUN | March, 2023
Tips and tricks for addressing these tricky issues. (Image: UTS EcoSoc) 

'Make the most of Orientation' | Guide

Published by SUN | Feb, 2023
A guide from the SUN teams on how to make the most of O-Week, O-Day and other orientation events. (Image: Adelaide Sustainability Association)

Sustainable and successful O-weeks | Guide

Published by SUN | Feb, 2022
Interested in what other student teams do during their O-Week? The SUN team presents a guide to running a successful and sustainable O-Weeks using the resources workshopped during our first Solution Session. 

How to make position statements | Guide

Published by SUN | Mar, 2022
In collaboration with the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth AusNZPac (Image: SDSN Youth AusNZPac)