The Australian Climate Case
Icebreaker activity 

Published March 2023
Here is an icebreaker idea that can have REAL impacts on the way Australia handles climate change!

This icebreaker activity, designed by SUN will generate supporting evidence for the Australia Climate Case

“This case is the first time that anyone in Australia has argued that the whole of the Federal government – not just one Minister or agency – has a duty to protect people from climate harm. If successful, Pabai and Paul won’t just be protecting their communities – they’ll be making us all safer from damaging climate change.”  

They are collecting climate stories from everyday Australians to support the case. Your stories are helping to support a legal case to protect the Torres Strait and the rest of humanity from climate disaster.

The Australian Climate Case | Icebreaker

If you want to submit your own climate story, you can do so via this website. 

Any submission helps!