August 15th - August 26th, 2022

The Sustainable Universities Network (SUN) is hosting a nationwide sustainability fortnight and inviting any university sustainability student club, society or group to join in! (Staff are also welcome to participate!)


  1. Promote sustainability at campuses across Australia in creative and engaging ways.

  2. Create a national platform for university communities to cross promote and collaborate on initiatives and events.

  3. Create connections between passionate people across Australia.

  4. Create an opportunity to learn how others are advancing sustainability at their university.

If you are interested in joining this amazing line-up, send us an email via


Online Sustainability Quiz Night

Date: Thursday August 18th
Time: 5pm WA | 6:30 SA, NT | 7pm VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS | 9pm NZ

Online quiz about all things sustainability!

What does the new Labor government mean for sustainable development in Australia

Date: 22nd, or 23rd of August (TBC)
Time: (TBC)

With a new government in Australia, young people are cautiously optimistic. We will be speaking to a member of the Australian Greens party on what this new government will mean for sustainable development in Australia.

How to reduce plastic waste in your household

Date: Wednesday 24th of August
Time: 3pm WA | 4:30pm SA, NT | 5pm VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS | 7pm NZ

Plastic waste is pervasive but can be really hard to get your head around! This session will teach you how to reduce waste on a household level.

'How to survive the news' | Networking Event

Date: Friday 26th of August
Time: 5pm WA | 6:30 SA, NT | 7pm VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS | 9pm NZ

Networking event open to any young person! This will give you the opportunity to hear from other young people about what issues they care about, as well as a session of workshoping ways that we can 'survive the news'.


Adelaide Sustainability Association
University of Adelaide

Monash Association of Sustainability
Monash University

Tasmanian University Environment Society
University of Tasmania

UQ's Green Ambassador Program (GAP)
University of Queensland

UTS Eco Soc
University of Technology Sydney

"I have heard of sustainability week - why is this a fortnight?"

You are more than welcome to only commit to doing a ‘sustainability week’. SUN has opened this initiative up to a sustainability fortnight to allow flexibility as different campuses may face different circumstances.

How you can get involved

The idea is for clubs and societies to collaborate and share events that promote sustainability. This could include:

  • Planting days

  • Sustainable food trucks or picnics

  • Webinars and panel events

  • Sustainable craft or cooking workshops

Or any other event that you think your university community would engage with!

In-person events will be for students and staff who attend that respective university. These events may include a live streaming option to engage with interstate university communities.

Any web-based events should be shared with the network so that people from across the country have an opportunity to come along!

Your group will also have the opportunity to put your event in a national calendar that will be shared with universities around Australia. (coming soon)